Olympics For Tibet

The year China is going to remember and cherish forever, as it hosts the 2008 Olympics against all odds, it has mesmerized the world with its enormous capability of economic prosperity. China is on a verge of becoming the world’s leading economic power and Summer Olympics 2008 is like a cherry on the cake.

China has gifted the mankind with many great inventions in the past, Chinese economic stability is just the sheer hard work of the Chinese people and no one can take the credit from them. China has been through many political reformations and cultural revolutions.

China has spent an estimated cost of about dollar forty billion on the Olympics which is a huge sum and undoubtedly shocking for a common man, and has achieved international recognition. But somewhere down the line we have to step back and think, does China deserve all that credit?

Human rights practice in China is still being violated, and fails the legal safeguards for basic freedom. Especially the religious freedom has been suffering the most. The Chinese government has recognized five official religions Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism and Taoism. Other sects who violates the government norms are intimidated.

The people of Tibet are the one to suffer the most. From many decades, millions of Tibetans are living in exile not to forget the Tibetan spritual guru The Holy Dalai Lama. Tibet is fighting for its rights and is continuously being suppressed by the Chinese government. All they are asking is autonomy, as Tibet is their land and no other countries own the right to govern it. China should understand and respect the ethnicity of the people of Tibet and give the Tibetans freedom. Only then China will gain true prosperity.


~ by andy on August 12, 2008.

One Response to “Olympics For Tibet”

  1. Andy,

    While the whole world rejoices with firecrackers and pomp about the Olympics, I think you have touched the right chord. When nations ignore humanity by stepping over it, its the downfall of society and the mankind.

    S. Malik

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